Thursday, 2 December 2010


So I think everyone knew about new Gazette single "PLEDGE" it should be release 2010.12.15 but its out xD ITS OUT!

That song is fucking nice *3* Im a Gazette addict ;D

even its edited tho T^T have a goal to have the gazette tatto >;D after finish my high school ofc and permisson from the old one? lol

Im on my exams days and I feel like a shit >:c im not really myself this few days. I closed my wall. Screw up my status. Gave a bad impression to new people who just met me in fb (well yes im a cold one. I'll just say what i want to say and depend on my mood. what is fucking wrong with that :c). For me all this few days was so damn fucked up :c i dont want to think about it anymore and my parents keep TALKING ABOUT UNIVERSITY SHITS :c fml. So thats why im trying to have fun with taking picture and listening to Gazette's songs. Have a nice day everyone :')

Saturday, 13 November 2010


ID card is out ;) thanks for our club designer that work hard to make those ID card for all club member :D
Here's mine *u* Its nice :D thanks designer :)
and our club will be officialy open on 25 November. Please look forward for it :)

Wednesday, 3 November 2010


nah, I never take a picture or video from webcam before xD but I try it today ;D and got pretty cool result xDD
picture quality is really not good at all T^T thats why I dont like to take a picture from webcam T^T

Say Hi :D

nah both with super bad quality :\
nah thats all for this post :D

Sunday, 31 October 2010


Dang! Its halloween! but I didnt go trick and treating ._. I just fill my halloween with go to my teacher's wedding party ;D she was so pretty *o* lol but I did take halloween pic and dress up my pico :D here's the pictures

I use my tokens to buy that clothes T^T but for that pumpkin stick I won it from gacha x). And here's my halloween picture

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Hello ;D

Hello hello this is my first time here ;D (even I used to make one before at school :P)
------Introduction ;D------
Picture with big size :D ( I don't know why I choose this picture but I just upload it xD)

nah, you guys can call me Kirei (16) currently still a student. I'm chinese born evil ;), my fav hobby is sleep, I can sleep whole day and anytime I want, I love coffee, wafel, and snake meat >:), well I think thats my little information here, ask me anything if you want ;)

I super love this band

and many more ;)

Sympathy for devil ;) with sexy Sebastian *o*